What customers are saying...

"How can I expect my employees not to look at their phones while driving when I can’t even trust myself?  Origo took away the temptation for good"

- Fred Garcia, CEO, Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal - RoofCorp USA - Prairieville, LA

What customers are saying...

"The first day I had my ORIGO installed, I went on a road trip to the mountains.  For the first 45 minutes I went through technology withdrawals, but once I recovered it changed my driving experience.  It had been some time since I had enjoyed some peace and quiet away from the information super highway.  It was great to clear my head, and just enjoy the journey.  Thank you, ORIGO!"

- Sean Brocklebank, Director of Sales, Case-Mate™

What customers are saying....

"I purchased the ORIGOSafe™ because I absolutely can't seem to put my phone down when I'm driving…  I'm often on call, I get lots of calls and texts from interns, and I knew if I didn't do something it was only a matter of time before something bad happened…  Now I can be responsive and safe at the same time…"

- Physician in Seattle, WA

ORIGO™ - The premier distracted driving solution

Introducing ORIGO™, the only true solution to distracted driving that completely removes the phone from the driver's hand, while still allowing full productivity and connectivity while on the road.  You can have peace of mind knowing your family is focused on the road, with the phone safely docked in the ORIGOSafe™



One decision can change your life...make it the right one.

57% of teens admit to texting while driving.
Let ORIGO™ keep your child safe from the deadly behavior 

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One decision

The average jury award against distracted driving is $3.8 million

This is enough to destroy most businesses.
Are you REALLY protected? ORIGO™ can help.

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2014 Distracted Driving Collisions

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Prevent distracted driving in your fleet. Policies are too weak alone, must be accompanied by enforcement. ORIGOSafe! http://t.co/dXNSPJLV6S

The ORIGO™ Solution

  • What it takes to stop texting and driving
  • The premier distracted driving solution
  • You hold the wheel, we'll hold the phone
  • Keep your drivers safe, yet connected
  • Drive safe, drive ORIGOSafe™
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