The ORIGO® solution

iphone 5 in origosafe docking station

What the ORIGOSafe® can do for you:

The National Safety Council estimates that at least 24% of all traffic crashes- or 1.3 million accidents per year- involve drivers using cell phones and texting. These cell phone-related crashes result in 3,200 deaths and almost half a million injuries per year.  Teens are especially at risk!

Despite these alarming numbers, all drivers, especially young adults, want constant connectivity. Handheld cell phone use, including texting and driving, is out of control. How can we stop this dangerous behavior before more people lose their lives?

The engineers at ORIGO® have designed an easy, cost-effective solution to this growing epidemic of distracted driving due to handheld cell phone use.

ORIGOSafe® is the premier distracted driving solution: it takes the phone out of the driver’s hands completely, so that both hands remain on the wheel and both eyes on the road, where they belong. It requires that the phone remain in its ORIGOSafe® docking station while driving, yet allows complete use of the phone’s existing handsfree capabilities, all while charging the phone!

The ORIGOSafe® unit is easily configured by the Administrator (parent/vehicle owner). The Administrator can quickly set all time limits, add and change number of users & phones, customize and administer codes, and tailor all other information to your needs and the needs of your driver(s).

With the phone safely docked in the ORIGOSafe®, you can have peace of mind knowing your driver is safely focused on the road.

ORIGO® has a certified installer network all across the nation, so you need not travel far to get your ORIGOSafe® installed!

The ORIGOSafe® is available for purchase for only $399!


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