How it Works

How the ORIGOSafe™ works:

  • Prevents the driver from holding the phone, allowing the driver to remain fully focused on the road.
  • Allows the driver to stay connected and productive through use of Bluetooth.
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and injuries from distracted driving due to handheld cell phone use.
  • Provides parents with peace of mind knowing that their driver is protected.
  • Allows use with unlimited phones per vehicle. Great for family use!
  • Models good behavior for your family.                                           
  • Easy to install and use – simple, one time set up.
  • Charges the phone while it rests in the docking station.
For family use, the ORIGOSafe™ is available for only $399 professionally installed, and is compatible with ANY car.
ORIGO™ has a nation-wide certified installer network, so you need not travel far to get your ORIGOSafe™ installed!
We applaud others trying to solve the problem...
Apps are a great start, but...
  • The phone is still a physical distraction when it's floating around the car
  • Kids are smart; don't underestimate their ability to circumvent an app
  • With the battery drain, you could end up without ANY connectivity
Pledges and policies provide little protection
  • Can we all really be trusted to resist the temptation when we hear that "ping!"?
  • The risk is too great to not have physical enforcement


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