Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my ORIGOSafe® be used to charge a non-authorized phone?

    Yes, this is possible.  However, the non-authorized phone must be used in an ORIGO® DriveCase.   The ORIGOSafe® must be "awake" in order for the phone to be charged.  This phone will not allow you to operate the vehicle.

  • Does the ORIGOSafe® come with a phone?

    No.  Each ORIGOSafe® comes with one (1) free DriveCase, but you will need to provide your own phone.

  • Where will the ORIGOSafe® be installed in my car?

    The ORIGOSafe® can be mounted virtually anywhere in your car's interior.  The popular places for installation are:

    • To the lower left of the steering column
    • Left side of the center console/right side of the driver
    • Inside the center console

    Many other options are possible; please discuss your options with your installer.

  • Can I still use my phone's GPS while I am driving?

    Yes, but only the audio function is safe to use while driving. To use your GPS while driving, you must first enter the desired destination information before starting the vehicle. Once you have done this, place the authorized phone in the ORIGOSafe® and start the vehicle as usual. Now you can safely listen to the verbal directions dictated to you by the phone's GPS function.

  • What is the Parking Brake Feature?

    The Parking Brake Feature is a configurable feature of the ORIGOSafe® that allows a driver to remove their phone from the ORIGOSafe® only while the vehicle is stopped and the parking brake is engaged.  

    The parking break feature is intended only for drivers who will frequently be in situations where they are idling in the vehicle in a stopped position (e.g. waiting in a vehicle line at a school, sitting in a truck stop, etc. ) This feature is configured by the administrator as needed. Drivers who the administrator believes will be in these situations are often the only drivers for which this function is enabled.

  • What if my phone is dead and I don't have a Service/Valet code?

    Simply turn the vehicle to "on" (do not try to turn over the ignition) and place the phone in the ORIGOSafe®. Allow it to charge for two or more minutes, or enough time to accumulate a small charge. Now remove the phone, turn it on, and replace it in the ORIGOSafe®. The authentication light on the ORIGOSafe® should turn green, idicating that your phone has been recognized and you may now start the vehicle. Your phone will now continue to charge in transit as it remains in the ORIGOSafe®!

  • What happens if I turn my ignition to the "on" position without my phone in the ORIGOSafe®?

    The ignition can be turned to the "on" position without a phone in the ORIGOSafe®. This enables the stereo, air conditioning, and any other functions that may be available on the vehicle without the engine running. This will also enable the phone to begin charging if it is placed in the ORIGOSafe®.

  • Will my phone ever run out of battery while docked in the ORIGOSafe®?

    No.  The ORIGOSafe® will charge the phone the entire time it is docked, and the ignition is on.

  • Why do I need to use a DriveCase on my phone?

    Your phone is required to have an ORIGO® DriveCase.  This ensures that your phone will be correctly guided into the ORIGOSafe® docking station.  Attempted use without a DriveCase may damage the ORIGOSafe® docking station and/or your phone.

  • What will happen if I leave my phone in my ORIGOSafe® for a long period of time/overnight?

    It is okay to leave your phone in the ORIGOSafe® for long periods of time when the engine is not running. The ORIGOSafe® will shut off after the sleep timer runs out, and will not charge (or overcharge) your phone, or drain your vehicle's battery.

  • Will the ORIGOSafe® ever shut my vehicle off while I am driving if I remove my phone?

    No. The ORIGOSafe® will never shut your vehicle off, only prevent it from being turned on. If the phone is removed from the ORIGOSafe® docking station while you are driving, a loud alarm will sound until either the vehicle is turned off, or the phone is replaced. This alarm going off, and the red LED on the right of the device tells you that once you turn off your vehicle, you will no longer be able to start it again without first contacting your administrator for a One Time Use Code (this is based on the factory default setting of a one removal limit in the Trip Risk Counter).

  • What if my phone's battery is dead, and I need to start my car?

    If your phone's battery is completely dead, it will not initially be recognized when inserted in the ORIGOSafe®, but you are able to charge it enough to start your vehicle by doing the following:  

    iPhone: Option 1. Turn your vehicle ignition to "on," but don't try to turn it over.  This will turn your electric functions on, thereby charging the phone when it is set in the docking station. When the phone has charged enough to turn on, it will automatically do so, and the vehicle can then be started.  Option 2: Enter the service valet code, and drive in that mode (which will charge the phone as you drive); when the phone has become charged enough to automaticlaly turn on, the authorized phone will automatically be recognized by the ORIGOSafe®, and you can continue driving as usual. Note: it may take several minutes to charge your phone; if the Service Valet time period ends, the alarm will sound, but you may continue driving as normal, and the alarm will automatically stop sounding when your phone has been charged enough to turn on.

    Samsung: Turn your vehicle ignition to "on," but don't try to turn it over.  This will turn your electric functions on, thereby charging the phone when it is set in the docking station. When the phone has charged for approximately 3 minutes, remove it from the docking station, turn it on, and replace the phone in the docking station- the vehicle can then be started.

  • Which phones are supported by the ORIGOSafe® ?

    Currently, the ORIGOSafe®  is designed to work with the top selling smart phones.  A complete list of the supported phones will soon be added to the website.

  • Can I call 911 with the phone docked?

    Yes, if your vehicle is already equipped with Bluetooth, handsfree functions will operate normally.  If the vehicle is not previously equipped with Bluetooth, you can either install it in your vehicle, use a Bluetooth ear piece, or use an earbud connected to your phone (state laws permitting).

  • Will I be able to listen to my music on my phone?

    Yes. If you have a Bluetooth equipped vehicle, or a Bluetooth headset, you can use all the existing Bluetooth features of your phone.